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Our partnership with the Chamber of Commerce will provide Merchants with the tools and technology to take back Main Street!

How you compete in 2018?

Native is a consumer-first company. Our model is based on ensuring that the shopper trusts us with their personal data and letting them be in charge of their shopping experience.

Introducing Go Native.

Do you know what your business needs to compete in 2019? Can you afford it? What if you had better technology than Amazon and Walmart?

Being a Go Native merchant helps you expand your customers base, no matter how big your competitors are.

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In 1912, President Taft announced that there would be a meeting held in Washington, D.C. attended by businessmen from 44 states representing 324 different organizations... and from that, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States was born. In the decades that followed, the Chamber of Commerce helped usher in the World’s greatest economy.

We built. We innovated. We led.

But, at the turn of the Century, something happened... E-commerce descended on the Brick & Mortar establishments that were the lifeblood of Main Street, USA. Customers turned away from traditional shopping for convenience. As more and more small businesses weren’t able to keep up, our once thriving community pillars were filled with ‘For Rent’ signs. Even titans of retail like K-Mart, Circuit City, Sears, and Toys R’ Us closed their doors. They had no answer to the e-commerce revolution. It seemed as if we were entering a new age where the American Dream was just that...a Dream.


But now, the Chamber of Commerce is rewriting the rules..With our new app, customers can search for and purchase your products .

The best part? Our drivers will pickup and deliver their purchase directly to their doorstep....the next business day.

This is the dawn of a new era, where shopping local is the most convenient option. So, be part of something amazing that’s happening right here at home.

Sign up now and immediately put your business on the cutting edge.

Your Business is Now

OPEN 24/7


MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION _________________________ $39.99

COMMISSION FEE _____________________ 5% per transaction

PRODUCT LISTING FEE: There is NO listing fee and NO minimum/maximum items allowed to be listed. We encourage our Merchants to list as many products as possible.

MINIMUM ORDER FOR DELIVERY: ______________ $30.00 If the purchase is less than $30, the customers will only be able to pick up their order at your store.

DELIVERY FEE TO MERCHANTS _____________________ FREE

PACKAGING: Merchants can use the standard bags they use for customers when they make a purchase in store, but will place a 'Go Native' sticker on bag with order #.

DRIVER PICK-UP PROCESS: A 'Go Native' driver will pickup packages to be delivered after 2:00pm daily (M-F). The Merchant will need to have a designated area on the counter or behind the counter where the Go Native driver will know to look and can pick up packages without interrupting the Merchant.

WHAT CAN BE DELIVERED: Standard shipping practices that comply with state (AL) and federal law. Go Native uses a common sense approach and expects our Merchants to do the same.

SIZE: an item must be able to organically fit in the back seat of a standard compact car.

WEIGHT: an item can be no heavier than 25 lbs.

Monday through Friday 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

RESTAURANTS: Monday-Friday 10:30a-1:30p
RETAIL: Monday-Saturday 3
:00 PM to TBD

  DELIVERY AREA: Your Chamber of Commerce Market Area


*TERMS: Go Native reserves the right to remove any products listed that violate the integrity of the marketplace. Violators may be suspended or terminated, as well as have legal action taken against them. Merchants MUST accept orders to be delivered through the app. ‘Go Native’ drivers cannot pickup/deliver products that were not purchased through the app.


Businesses have to have new tech to compete. It's no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Websites, apps, and social media accounts are all expensive and time-consuming. Who builds tech for local businesses? Who manages it? Who offers innovation at a price that ANY business can take advantage of? We do.


You spend every day competing with Big Box companies, e-commerce, and other local businesses to get customers into your store. We put your products and services in the palm of their han ds 24/7 and work with the Chamber of Commerce to attract new Shoppers every single day.


Why is Amazon beating Main Street? Because customers can look for any number of products in one place, purchase them, and have those products arrive in a few days on their front doorstep. We now offer the same convenience to the customer, but we deliver even faster. Like...same day faster.


How much is it costing you just to host a website for your business? How many marketing dollars are you spending every month, just hoping to draw a few new customers? What else could you be doing with that time? What are you doing to separate yourself as a local business? 'Go Native' addresses every one of these questions and directly impacts your bottom line.

Merchant Fees

for only $39 per month & 5% fee per transaction


(on-demand M-F 10:30-1:30 for restaurants)