What started as Native Rewards in 2015 has evolved. Our first few years were spent working with Local Merchants to better understand how we could change shopping habits that have led to Brick & Mortar closing it's doors and tax dollars leaving Main Street for Wall Street.

The Native Rewards concept was based on a local lottery that issued a digital lottery ticket to people that visited local businesses and scanned a QR code into the Native Rewards app. Each week we would draw winners from those local shoppers and reward them with Native Bucks (monopoly money that could be redeemed at our participating Merchants).

In those first few years we gave away over $30,000 in Native Rewards that went back into the northeast Alabama economy, but it wasn't having a real impact on the bottom line of our Merchants.

Our Story

Quality Control is our top priority and if something ever goes wrong, we make it right. If you read the reviews of other delivery apps you'll see a disgruntled user base that takes what they get because of the convenience and time delivery offers them. If you read the Go Native user reviews you'll see something quite different. You'll see an attention to detail and professionalism that hasn't been seen and a customer base that praises the Go Native process.

We're Better

Rapid Growth

We started in Scottsboro, AL with one restaurant in January 2019 and did 32 deliveries. By June it was 12 restaurants and 500 deliveries. And as we enter Summer 2020, there are almost 40 restaurants and a trio of Bruce's Foodland grocery stores partnering with Go Native in northeast Alabama. We now have over 15,000 users and delivered to 4,500+ happy customers in the month of April 2020 alone.

We've created a marketplace that allows local businesses to plug into the system and get results.

Incentives weren't the answer. We had to provide time and convenience to shoppers that was more efficient than the Amazon retail machine and food delivery services like UberEats, all at a price point that every Mom & Pop could afford.

Native Rewards had to become Go Native.

Time & Convenience

The Beginning

We're Family

When you join Go Native this isn't an additional expense for your business. You're joining a family whose only purpose is to provide customers with value and keep tax dollars in the community.


The plant workers, doctors and nurses, professionals, and First Responders that can't leave to get lunch...the busy parents that don't have time to get groceries between football and gymnastics practice...and the elderly and homebound who haven't had an option in rural Alabama for someone to help them until Go Native came along...this is who we're here for.

Witness the Results

There is no contract for any business that joins Go Native because we believe so strongly in our Process and Professionalism that the results speak for themselves. Join us. Transform your business. Make your customers happy and reap the rewards from the new customers you'll gain with Go Native.


If you need more information or have a specific question about how Go Native can help you grow your business don't hesitate to contact us now.

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